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consuming .NET assembly as COM

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In the latter half of this article, we took a dip into exploring how COM aware clients from the pre-.NET era could consume .NET components as if they were classic COM components. We saw how the CCW and the CLR facilitate this to happen seamlessly from a programming perspective. We briefly explored the possibilities of using attributes to emit metadata into .NET types so that the typelibrary generated could be tailored and fine-tuned to your requirements. We looked at how the exception handling mechanisms in the two worlds are correlative. We also discussed about how to go about receiving asynchronous event notifications from .NET components in unmanaged event sinks. Then, we turned our attention to the deployment options available and how to deploy .NET components as Shared assemblies. Lastly, we discussed the thread-neutral behavior of .NET components and saw how Context-agile .NET components are analogous to Classic COM 'Both' threaded components
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