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excel > hook on pressed keys

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Have you considered using the Application.OnKey method? You can intercept just about any key press possible by using this method. Here is some of the description from Excel help:
Procedure   Optional Variant. A string indicating the name of the procedure to be run. If Procedure is "" (empty text), nothing happens when Key is pressed. This form of OnKey changes the normal result of keystrokes in Microsoft Excel. If Procedure is omitted, Key reverts to its normal result in Microsoft Excel, and any special key assignments made with previous OnKey methods are cleared.
The Key argument can specify any single key combined with ALT, CTRL, or SHIFT, or any combination of these keys. Each key is represented by one or more characters, such as "a" for the character a, or "{ENTER}" for the ENTER key.
Runs a specified procedure when a particular key or key combination is pressed.
expression.OnKey(Key, Procedure)
expression   Required. An expression that returns an Application object.
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