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WMI Properties

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  • IIsWebServiceSetting the IIS itself. This includes ASP settings, logging settings, authentication
    settings, etc.

  • IIsApplicationPoolSetting application pools (IIS 6.x specific). For each you can see the user
    used, application pool recycling policy information, etc.

  • IIsWebServerSetting
  • IIsWebVirtualDirSetting
  • Win32_Battery
  • Win32_BIOS
  • Win32_ComputerSystem owner, the hardware model and manufacturer, etc.

  • Win32_ComputerSystemProduct hardware system including the serial number, name, vendor, version,

  • Win32_DiskPartition
    Returns the created disk partitions (a
    disk partition may span multiple physical disks and contain multiple logical
    disks). For each you find the size, block size, number of blocks, etc.

  • Win32_Environment each you can see the name, value, if it is a system or user defined
    variable, etc.
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